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What people are saying about Ippolito's Furniture!

"Dear Ippolito's,
This is to acknowledge the great service we recently received after purchasing a couch from you. Not only was your salesperson of great help to us, but the patience and kind manner in which all of you responded to our needs was truly a welcome change! We want you all to know how much your kindness was appreciated and that we thank you! In the future I will always recommend that friends shop at Ippolito's, as the service is outstanding! P.S. - Tell the delivery guys they were great too!"
-Deborah and Warren Dixon

"Dear Ippolito's,
My husband and I just finished renovating our condo on Newfound Lake. It was a lot of work and a bit stressful, considering we live in Connecticut and had to trust people to do some of the work without us there. One aspect of our 'project' was not stressful - picking out furniture! Beautiful furniture from your store. As always, Everett was wonderful in helping us to find the perfect furniture. We made a day trip up, and though our time was limited, with his expert help we were able to furnish our entire condo.
-Linda Cashman

"Dear Ippolito's,
Len and I have wanted to let you know what super additions our recent Ippolito's Furniture purchases are. However, not much is accomplished after work these days since Len is spending hours reclining and I am enjoying our beautiful new table and chairs! Thank you so much for your patience, attention and direction. You succeeded in treating us the way we strive to treat the clients we work with in our careers and we appreciated it very much."
-Linda and Len Pinault

"Dear Ippolito's,
Thank you very much for researching the items we were looking for and finding the green headboard and footboard in the Bridges Collection. It is beautiful, as is the triple dresser and the chest of drawers. I have to tell you that when we originally went to the Thomasville store in MA and asked about finding any of the Impression pieces from the collection, the man just told us those pieces were long gone. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to help us. Also, you should know that everyone we had contact with at Ippolito's was very friendly. I believe I spoke to Marti a few times and she was always very pleasant and helpful. Neither my husband nor I could be at home when the furniture arrived, so instead my mother was there. She has remarked several times at how friendly the deliverymen were. Overall, we had a great experience with Ippolito's and I just wanted to let you know and again thank you. We really appreciate it. We won't hesitate to recommend you and contact you again. Hopefully we'll make the trip up to see the store in the near future. We still have a few more rooms to fill!
-Amy Goggin

"Why it pays to do business with an established furniture company...
This spring Brenda bought a lovely neutral colored leather sofa and chair made out of untreated natural leather at Ippolito's Furniture Store in Meredith. However, the leather became badly discolored just from normal use and Ippolito's offered to give Brenda loaner furniture while dyeing the leather pieces. Weeks passed and when Brenda got the sofa back she wasn't happy with the dye job which didn't adhere properly to the leather. When Brenda called to inform Ippolito's they graciously offered to issue a cash refund immediately or a store credit. Brenda and Jim are now very happy with their new mahogany brown leather sofa and recliner. The moral of this story? You can't go wrong when you do business with an established furniture store that has a time-honored reputation for customer satisfaction. Brenda Dearborn is a certified interior decorator and owner of BJD Interior Designs and Mapleshade Marketplace. She is a decorating diva of lakestyle chic and a consummate bargain hunter."
-Lorrie Baird

"Dear Ippolito's,
Don and I would like to thank you for providing an excellent resolution to our difficulties with the Classic Leather loveseats and ottoman. The replacement pieces are of an excellent quality and an improved design. In addition to the quality of the leather, we find that the seat cushions provide better support and stay in place. Ippolito's has fully lived up to the high standards we expected. We are very appreciative of your personal consideration in this matter and are completely satisfied with the results. Thank you again."
-Phyllis Graham

"Dear Ippolito's,
I'd like to personally 'Thank you' and your staff for making the impossible - possible with the delivery of my daughter's furniture to Connecticut. The circumstances surrounding this were a truck needing repair and having to call in extra help. It was greatly appreciated on our end and we will strongly recommend your store to family and friends. The delivery men were very helpful, cheerful, courteous and professional."
-Jan Jeffery

"Dear Ippolito's,
It will remain a mystery as to how we made a decision on fabric selection for our new divan that turned out to be such a disappointment when placed in our living room. What is now clearly no mystery is what kind of company you are. Manifesting the quality of the merchandise you handle is the attitude and friendly touch and cooperation of yourself, Charles and Dawn. Charles, in particular, has been outstanding in his assistance, both in time and detail. In this day and age of impersonal relationship between supplier and customer, our experience with Ippolito's is refreshing."
-Ida & Abbott Allen

"Dear Ippolito's,
I just wanted to let you know that my experience with your company has been 'top-notch', from the salesperson Diane, to Marti, in coordination to your delivery 'guys'. This is the type of image I hope my company portrays. It has been a pleasure doing business with you!"
-Dave Borans

"Dear Ippolito's,
Thank you for replacing my lost finial. Debbie was especially helpful and pleasant. In today's business world it isn't easy to find consideration such as you have shown. It certainly is appreciated."
-Jean Hawkes

"Dear Ippolito's,
I would like to take a moment to thank you for all the work you have done so that two girls could have the canopy beds they chose! Everyone at Ippolito's has gone out of their way to help us. Roy has been especially helpful from getting one bed together, to touching up rubbed spots (that match perfectly!) to even cutting the canopies so they fit the beds. Delivery and repair times were as promised, an important detail in everybody's busy day. Rick - a special thank you for the phone calls between the manufacturer and you and in keeping me informed and up to date with the progress. I really do appreciate all the extra effort. I certainly would choose Ippolito's when buying furniture again."
-Debbie Grace

"Dear Ippolito's,
Before I moved to the Seacoast several years ago, I purchased several pieces of furniture at your store. Charles made the transaction a pleasant experience for me. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the courteous and prompt service you have given me over years. Whenever there has been a small problem, it has been rectified to my complete satisfaction, and without any charge, which continues to amaze me. Each time I have called on Charles for assistance, his positive response has been immediate. When I tell my friends about the incredible service you have given me, they are as incredulous as I. Whenever I need any furniture in the future, please be assured that a trip to Meredith and Ippolito's will be my pleasure. Thank you so much for treating me like a valued customer."
Constance D. Mason

"Dear Ippolito's,
Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service we received from your company. We had a sectional couch delivered and your delivery people were very courteous and professional. Thank you again. We love our new couch."
-Patricia Marchand

"Dear Ippolito's,
Brenda & I would like to send you a note of thanks for all your help with both the furniture and ordering the fabric. We are really enjoying our new furniture and new curtains. We would like it to be passed on to Mr. Ippolito that the two delivery men were very professional and were exceptionally patient with the hard time they had getting the furniture into our home. We would recommend them again in an instant. Their names were John and Jason. We would definitely return to Ippolito's for any future needs."
-Deb Villandy